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How do I book a pre-approval or special offer?

If you contact a host about their space before requesting to book it, the host has the option to invite you to book a couple of ways:

  • Pre-approval: The host invites you to book for the dates and prices shown when you contacted the host
  • special offer: The host chooses a custom price (or other details) and invites you to book with the new details

Note: A special offer will not include the guest service fee or relevant taxes charged for each reservation.

Find your pre-approval or special offer

You'll get an email notification when you receive a pre-approval or special offer. Go to Trips to find your reservation requests. You can also check your reservation status by looking in the message where you're talking with the host.

How to book a pre-approval or special offer

  1. Go to Messages
  2. Click the conversation with the host to open the message
  3. Find the box that shows the details of your pre-approval or special offer
  4. Click Book It
  5. Review your reservation details and your payment info
  6. Click Book now to complete your booking