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    COVID-19 update
    To find cancellation and refund options, select a reservation from the Trips page.Our extenuating circumstances policy only applies to certain reservations.If your check-in date is after 15 July, check back here on 15 June 2020 for an update.

    What is the licence or registration number field?

    Some councils require that hosts obtain a licence or registration number in order to list their homes on Airbnb. This field allows hosts to show that number directly on their listing to comply with local laws. It is important to note that not all councils require that hosts register, nor are all hosts required to register, so the absence of a number is not necessarily indicative of a non-compliant host.

    In some places you might also find 'Council registration pending' in this field. This means that the host has started the registration process with a council, but has not been granted a licence or registration number yet. These listings are still perfectly fine to book.

    You might also find 'Exempt' in this field. This means that the host’s listing is exempt from the council's registration process for reasons determined by the council. These listings are also still perfectly fine to book.

    Don’t transact off the platform

    In rare cases, a host might abuse this field by entering a phone number or an email address, and encourage you to contact them directly to book outside of Airbnb. It’s important to remember that if you transact off the platform you are not protected under our Terms of Service, cancellation and refund policies, Host Guarantee, Host Protection Insurance programme and other safeguards.

    If someone asks you to pay for a reservation outside our on-site payment system—or you think someone might be abusing this field—let us know and click the flag icon to report the listing.

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