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    Collecting fees outside of Airbnb

    Generally, Hosts may not collect any additional fees or charges outside the Airbnb platform unless expressly authorised by Airbnb.

    Hotels and software-connected Hosts can charge guests additional fees that aren’t collected by Airbnb or used to calculate Airbnb service fees and taxes. These fees are collected directly from guests using a separate payment method outside of Airbnb. Fees are normally collected before a guest’s stay, at check-in, or within 48 hours of checkout.

    Fees that can be collected directly by the Host

    Airbnb only authorises these fees to be collected if they’re detailed in the listing description and included in the price breakdown before guests book.

    • Resort fee: Resort fees often cover the cost of a property’s amenities, such as the pool, gym, or wifi use
    • Security deposit: A refundable deposit that can be used to cover any damage that occurs during the stay
    • Cleaning fee: A one-off fee used to cover the cost of cleaning
    • Incidentals: This can include things like pet fees, valet or parking fees, airport shuttle fees, etc.
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