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China Third-Party SDKs and APIs

See below for the third-party SDK/APIs we link to. Please note that the category of personal information may vary due to version upgrades or technical adjustment by the listed third-party SDK/APIs. You should check their official sites for the most updated information.





Amap SDK

Location information

Provide map service

Autonavi Information Technology Co., Ltd. (高德软件有限公司)

Huawei Map SDK

Location information

Provide map service (only applicable to users of Huawei devices)

Huawei Terminal Co.,Ltd. (华为终端有限公司)

WeChat Pay SDK

Login information, WeChat Open ID, order and payment information

Payment processing

Tenpay Payment Technology Co., Ltd. (财付通支付科技有限公司)

Alipay SDK

Login information, Open ID, order and payment information

Payment processing

Alipay (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd.(支付宝(中国)网络技术有限公司)

Geetest SDK

Device information, Website browsing tracks

Maintain Trust and Safety

Wuhan Geetest Network Technology Co., Ltd. (武汉极意网络科技有限公司)


Device information, log data, such as mobile types, IMEI, Android ID, serial number; software ID and attributes, network configuration, crash data;

Push message content including reservation related information such as profile name, check-in time, destination, nights of stay

Analyze statistics and push notifications

Shenzhen Hexun Huagu Information Technology Co., Ltd. (深圳市和讯华谷信息技术有限公司)

Digital Union SDK

Device information such as device name, IMEI

Identify device uniqueness

Beijing Digital Union Internet Technology Co., Ltd. (北京数字联盟网络科技有限公司)

mParticle SDK

User logs and location information

Analyze users’ behavior

mParticle Inc.


IP address, manufacturer, device ID such as IDFA

Fraud identification and prevention

Sift Science, Inc.

Shanyan SDK

Phone number, AC, IMSI,IMEI,IP addrect etc.

Provide one-click login

Shanghai Chuanglan Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (上海创蓝文化传播有限公司)

Alicloud SDK

Copy of the front and back ID, facial data and other personal information contained in the documents provided such as property location and name in the real estate certification, name of legal representative on business license

Provide identity and license verification

Ali Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. (阿里云计算有限公司)

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