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    Adding cleaning fees

    The cleaning fee is one of several fees that may apply to a reservation (except for listings in China). It helps Hosts keep their listings in good shape and plays a key role in an effective pricing strategy. Cleaning fees are not returned to guests once a trip is completed.

    Where to find it

    • Desktop browser: Click or tap the nightly rate total in search results
    • Mobile/desktop browser and app: Go to Price Details when reserving an Instant Book listing or sending a trip request

    To add or edit a cleaning fee for your listing:

    1. Go to Listings and select the listing you want
    2. Click Pricing and availability and go to Fees
    3. Next to Cleaning fee, click Edit
    4. Enter your cleaning fee, then click Save

    The new fee only applies to future reservations, not pending or confirmed ones.

    Short-stay and standard cleaning fees are determined at the time of booking based on the guest’s stay length. For altered reservations, Hosts should verify that the appropriate cleaning fees are charged for the final terms of the reservation.

    When creating a special offer, Hosts should factor in the cleaning fee, as it’s not automatically included.

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