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There is no light pollution here. Stunning views of the galaxy awaits you
There is no light pollution here. Stunning views of the galaxy awaits you
  • Take in the panoramic views over the tree tops as you dine with friends. Watch the sunrise, listen to the dawn chorus, and enjoy seeing delightful native birds land in the tree tops alongside you.
  • As the afternoon sun beams into the lounge, you can sit back and relax on the leather lounge suite, while looking out at the tranquil mountainous views
  • There is no light pollution here. Stunning views of the galaxy awaits you
  • Slide into a bean bag on the sun drenched deck, or sit back in the shade on a hot summers day, while the BBQ heats up for lunch
  • Just one of many walks to majestic waterfalls - on your doorstep
  • Wake up to the sound of bird song, from the charming master bedroom with it's own private deck
  • Let nature wrap itself around you - the trees here are just beautiful
  • An afternoon wine in the sun (or a nap in the shade) - outdoors under the big Beech tree
  • The location is a one-of-a-kind - natural, scenic and very impressive.
  • Stroll through the picturesque forest, which surrounds this beautiful l home
  • The Rainforest Master Bedroom - slip into luxurious bedding, enjoy the elegant natural furnishings,  and gaze out the window into the rainforest
  • Spend quality time relaxing and unwinding, in total privacy
  • Relax by the fire on comfortable leather lazy boy chairs, while reading a book from our library
  • Enjoy the spacious feeling of living in a 3 level home
  • Spacious and modern, all designed with comfort (and the environment) in mind.
  • Surround yourself with luxurious bedding, handcrafted furniture, and views all the way to the ocean - in our top floor queen bedroom.
  • Cook a roast dinner, or pop on the rice cooker, while you spend time on the top viewing deck chatting to friends or family
  • Listen to the incredible dawn chorus (bird song in the morning) while having breakfast in this one-of-a-kind home, over looking the trees tops of Peel Forest Park
  • Take in the breathtaking views over the tree tops, with a group of friends on the top viewing balcony. Enjoy watching bell birds and other delightful native NZ birds land in the tree tops alongside you.
  • With a kitchen this well equipped, (and sharp chefs knives) you can cook whatever it is you desire.
  • An ever changing landscape - snow on Little Mount Peel
  • Take a hike up the renowned Little Mt Pee' - a 2-3 hour hike from The Lookout. Here the majestic mountain is pictured after winter snowfall. The entrance to this walk is on your doorstep.
  • Soak in the sunny indoor-outdoor living with views up the mountains, then across to the sea
  • Children can enjoy watching a nature DVD on the lower floor, while the adults chat upstairs. This room is nestled in the forest, with a super comfy double bed and two singles (one trundler)
  • Soak in panoramic views from the mountains all the way to the sea
  • After taking a walk around the mountain, let your muscles relax under the gas heated luxury rainhead shower (it has fantastic water pressure).
  • Escape city life and spend time outside in nature. Return home feeling  rejuvenated  and rearing to go - thanks to the sun, the space and the trees.
  • Listen to the sound of the fresh mountain stream, as you cross this pretty wooden bridge on your way to the house
  • Admire the original art works hung around the home, painted by local South Canterbury artists
  • Wrap one of our big soft fluffy luxury spa towels around you
  • Handcrafted interiors including the curved macrocarpa handbasin - hand carved
  • Abundant birdlife surrounds you
  • Stetch out on the leather lazy boy and read your favourite book,  nestled in by the warmth of the log fire
  • Take a stroll along the Kowhai stream - here it sits after snowfall
  • With several walking tracks to choose from - which ones will you explore? This map and walking track information is available for guests at The Lookout.
  • Driving time from Lake Tekapo to Peel Forest is 1 hour 23 minutes -  beautiful scenic drive.
  • Driving time from Christchurch to Peel Forest is 1 hour 45 minutes.
  • Driving time from Queenstown to Peel Forest - 4 hours 18 minutes. 
A stunning Scenic drive.
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There is no light pollution here. Stunning views of the galaxy awaits you