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Evening view from balcony.
Evening view from balcony.
  • Tresillian Treetops occupies the entire top level.
  • Just one view from balcony of the haven and Tasman Bay with snow-covered mountains.
  • Evening view from balcony.
  • The bedroom has a new queen-size bed, quality linens and a panoramic view.
  • Well-equipped kitchen includes large pantry.
  • The entrance driveway and garden, as seen from the kitchen and bedroom.
  • Lounge/dining area.
  • From the dining room you view historic Tresillian House & its grounds.
  • There're some beautiful - protected - trees on the property.  This sequoia is adjacent the deck.
  • It's a short stroll to the edge of Nelson Haven, the mudflat area created by the unique Bolder Bank.
  • In summer you can enjoy our pool, which is adjacent to Tresillian House.
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Evening view from balcony.