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Things to do in Sinj

Top recommendations from locals

From sightseeing to hidden gems, find out what makes the city unique with the help of the locals who know it best.
“The Cetina River offers many recreational opportunities such as rafting or biking.”
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History Museum
“Among the most interesting museums in Croatia. The museum display includes a wide variety of uniforms, equipment and weapons used by the alkars of Sinj, together with Alka statutes and rulebooks presented in modern digital form.”
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Other Great Outdoors
“Horse riding club about 35 km away from Split - you can reach it by fast road.”
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Grocery or Supermarket
Miscellaneous Shop
“If your perfect vacation includes a dose of adrenaline, then Sinj is definitely the right choice for you. There is hardly a water, mountain or air activity not offered in the greater Sinj area. There are truly not many other towns or cities in the world where you can start off the morning riding the river rapids, find yourself a hundered meters up in the air, hanging from a wire in the middle of the Cetina canyon around noon, be climbing the nearby mountain top accombanied by professional climbing instructors in the afternoon and at the end of the day jump from a plane with parachute . If you are more “down to Earth” you can start your day by riding horses, or taking a 10km or 25 km or even 40 km bike tour. If you are more of a “ lazy person“ maybe fly fishing is just a right thing for you. While spending your time in Sinj, the only question is how many different activities your body can take. For those who come to Sinj in the first week of August, they can be part of the Alka games, a knights game with tradition of 305 years where Alkars ( knights) are trying hit the middle of the ring ( alka) on a horse galloping. Sinj is some 35 km away from Split. It can be reached by car or bus, some 40 min drive. ”
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“Located just 20 minutes with car from Split, in Aeroclub Sinj you can try skydiving or just rent a flight with a small sport plain. ”
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Night Club
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Point of Interest
“The Sinjska alka is an equestrian competition held in the Croatian town of Sinj every Sunday in August since 1717. The people of Sinj believe that the Lady of Sinj miraculously drove away Ottomans, thus helping them to defend their town. If you are around this time, we highly recommend getting a ticket for this ceremony.”
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