Steph's Guidebook


I work in finance downtown and work near my apt. want to make your stay enjoyable so please let me know anything I can do to improve your stay!

Things to do in Boston

87 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Best views of Boston from the second tallest building in Boston - grab a window seat and take the money you saved forgoing the observation deck on a drink/snack/light meal - enjoy the view.

82 local Airbnb hosts recommend

My favorite breakfast/bakery joint in Back Bay / South End by well-known chef Joanne Chang. She beat Bobby Flay for her famous sticky buns ($3.5 bundle of goodness). Also recommend the egg sandwich.

82 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Walk, bike, or jog along the Charles River - this listing is only a few blocks away from several pedestrian walkways that will take you right along the river and docks. Gorgeous at sunrise and sunset.

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One of the largest, oldest, and most significant public libraries in the country. Walk inside for a quick or guided architecture tour, admiring the art, design, architecture of the facade & interior.

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Independent bookstore famous for fantastic breakfast/brunch. Breakfast menu available all day - they even serve juices, smoothies, teas, coffees, and beer/wine!

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Fun, trendy ambiance dinner / drinks serving Mexican food & a vast assortment of tequila / inspired cocktails. Reasonably priced esp for the area; fun surprises like pop rocks cotton candy post meal.

12 local Airbnb hosts recommend

The only Boston outpost of this famous Danny Meyers NYC burger joint.

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Fantastic intimate neighborhood seafood joint started by resident chef Michael Sherpa of the famous Neptune's Oyster (w/o the wait!). Really top notch, great place for a seafood snack/meal and wine.

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Grandiose RH (home furnishings, furniture) showroom which once housed the Museum of National History, build in the 1860s in Romanesque Revival style. Quick must see for home / design lovers.

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Enjoy a walk through the gorgeous infinity reflecting pool - very zen and particularly enjoyable in the early morning before the morning commuters are out.