Airbnb’s Host Guarantee

Property damage protection of up to $1 million USD for every host and every listing—at no additional cost.
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Free for every booking, every time
Whenever a guest makes a reservation and stays at your place, you’re automatically covered by our Host Guarantee.
Caring and comprehensive
Up to $1 million USD of property damage protection if you ever need it—that’s unmatched in the travel industry. We stand by our community.

We’re there for you with our Host Guarantee

We’re committed to creating a safe and trusted community around the world.
What’s protected?
  • Damage to a host’s property (home, unit, rooms, possessions)
  • Every Airbnb listing in every country
    Payments made through our Host Guarantee are subject to certain conditions, limitations, and exclusions.
      If damages occur, documentation (photos, receipts, etc.) will need to be provided as part of the resolution process. More details can be found in our Host Guarantee terms and conditions.
      What’s not protected?
      • Personal injury and property damage claims from third parties (those are protected by our Host Protection Insurance)
      • Damage to shared or common areas of the building that aren’t part of the listing itself
      • Cash and securities
      • Damage caused by a pet
        Jewellery, collectibles, and artwork can have more limited protections. Ordinary wear and tear is not protected.
        Need to file a claim?
        Please contact us and we’ll connect you with our third-party claims administrator.
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