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Ways to host


  • How-to

    How to become a Superhost

    You don’t need to apply to become a Superhost. If you meet the programme requirements on the quarterly assessment date, you'll qualify for S…
  • How-to

    Tracking your Superhost status

    Go to your host dashboard to track how you’re doing for each of the Superhost requirements.
  • How-to

    Maintaining Superhost status

    Hosts can gain, keep or lose their Superhost status depending on whether they make all the requirements.


  • How-to

    Co-Hosts: An introduction

    Co-Hosts help listing owners take care of their stay and guests. They’re usually a family member, neighbour, trusted friend or hired help.
  • How-to

    What co-Hosts can do

    A co-Host can help a Host with their space, their guests or both. Co-Hosts decide how much they want to handle with the listing owner ahead …
  • How-to

    Primary Hosts: An introduction

    The primary Host is the person who is designated as the Host on a reservation. They may be the listing owner, co-Host or a hosting team memb…
  • How-to

    Adding Co-Hosts to your listing

    You can add up to 10 co-Hosts to a listing. Choose family members, friends, neighbours or a trusted person you’ve hired to help with the log…
  • How-to

    Removing a Co-Host from your listing

    Select the listing you want to edit and remove the Co-Host. Once removed, they won’t be able to edit your listing, manage reservations or de…
  • How-to

    Removing yourself as a Co-Host

    Select the listing you want to edit and remove yourself. Once removed, you won’t have access to the listing.
  • How-to

    Messaging between Hosts and co-Hosts

    The Host and any co-Hosts on the same listing can communicate with one another through messaging on Airbnb.
  • How-to

    Managing reimbursement requests with co-Hosts

    Learn how co-Hosts can help you with reimbursement claims.
  • How-to

    Co-Hosting tips

    Hosts and Co-Hosts work together to provide memorable experiences for guests. We have some suggestions around reliability, communication and…
  • How-to

    The difference between co-Hosts and hosting teams

    A hosting team is usually a business or group of people the listing owner has a legal contract with. A co-Host is often more casual—like a f…
  • How-to

    Find an experienced co-Host

    If you’re looking for a potential co-Host, you may be able to connect with an experienced co-Host in your area.
  • How-to

    Experienced co-Hosts

    The experienced co-Host platform is available in select countries worldwide to Hosts (or soon-to-be Hosts) who are looking for hosting suppo…

Hosting teams

Host Assist

  • How-to

    An introduction to Host Assist

    Host Assist is a collection of apps that can help you share your space with ease. These apps are offered by companies who have partnered wit…
  • How-to

    Get help with your Host Assist apps

    Host Assist apps and products are offered by third-party companies. Contact the customer service team for the company offering the app.
  • How-to

    Removing Host Assist apps

    From your account, you can change your app settings or remove the app.