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Legal terms

Virtual credit card terms for hotels

Last Updated: April 2, 2024

These Virtual Credit Card Terms (“VCC Terms”) apply to Hosts that are hotels and are receiving a Payout via a virtual credit card (“VCC”). These VCC Terms apply in addition to the Payments Terms of Service (“Payments Terms”). All capitalized terms not defined have the meaning given to them in the Payments Terms. If there is a conflict between these VCC Terms and the Payments Terms, these VCC Terms will take precedence with respect to the use of VCCs.

1. Timing of Payout. When you are receiving a Payout via a VCC, Airbnb Payments will provide you with a VCC number for each reservation and the amount for which each VCC is authorized. You may not charge the VCC for more than the amount authorized. Each VCC will be able to be charged 24 hours prior to the Guest’s scheduled check-in time (or 24 hours prior to 3:00 pm local time - or 3:00 pm UTC if local time is unknown - if the check-in time is flexible or not specified), and will expire 180 days after the Guest’s scheduled check-in time.

2. Refunds. If you improperly use or overcharge a VCC, or if, after you have charged a VCC, a Guest cancels a reservation and/or is otherwise due a refund under an applicable cancelation policy, you agree to refund the VCC if requested by Airbnb Payments. You acknowledge that Airbnb Payments is entitled to recover any amounts due to Airbnb Payments by any other means permitted under these Payments Terms and/or by initiating a chargeback to you.

3. Guest Requests. You will be solely responsible for collecting any payment directly from Guests for any incidentals or any upgrades requested by Guests once at your property. However, any other modifications to the Guest’s reservation must be made through the Airbnb Platform.

4. Right to Audit. Airbnb Payments shall have the right, within one (1) year after the date that the VCC is charged with respect to any Guest reservation, to audit the VCC charge and request documentation from you that supports the amount charged. If Airbnb Payments does not exercise this right within such period, then the VCC charge shall be deemed to be correct. If you are unable to provide sufficient documentation to support a VCC charge, then Airbnb Payments shall have the right to initiate a chargeback to you and/or recover the amount by any other means permitted under these Payments Terms.

5. Additional clauses for Hosts contracting with Airbnb Payments, Inc. As a condition precedent to Airbnb Payments’ obligation to pay you for reservations, you agree to charge each VCC no earlier than one day before check-in for the reservation and no later than 180 days following check-in, and any failure to charge the VCC shall serve as confirmation from you that no amount is due by Airbnb Payments to you (e.g., due to Guest cancellation or other adjustment), and Airbnb Payments may retain any amounts paid by the Guest to Airbnb Payments as additional consideration for Airbnb Payments’ facilitation costs. You acknowledge and agree that Airbnb Payments generally has no knowledge of events occuring during a Reservation (e.g., a Guest’s actual arrival or departure dates, or cancellations or any other adjustments to a Reservation negotiated between you and the Guest), and that consequently Airbnb Payments is entitled to rely upon and accept as accurate and dispositive of the amount due any charge you make to the VCC.

6. Additional clauses for Hosts contracting with Airbnb Payments UK and Airbnb Payments Luxembourg.

6.1 At the time of agreeing to these VCC Terms or at any time when receiving a Payout via a VCC, you agree that you are not: (i) a consumer; or (ii) a micro-enterprise meaning a business which employs fewer than 10 persons and whose annual turnover and/or annual balance sheet total does not exceed €2 million; or (iii) a registered charity with an annual income of less than €2 million. Accordingly, you agree that the following parts of the payment services directive (2015/2366/EU), as implemented into the national law applicable to Airbnb Payments do not apply with respect to the services provided to you by Airbnb Payments under these VCC Terms: all of the Articles under Title 3, all of Article 62(1), Article 64(3), and Articles 72, 74, 76, 77, 80, 89, 90 and 102 do not apply and that a different time period applies for the purposes of Article 71, being 180 days after the Guest’s scheduled check-in time.

6.2 You agree that in order to receive a Payout by VCC, you are required to initiate the VCC charge for the relevant amount no later than 180 days following check-in. You also agree that once Airbnb Payments has provided the VCC details to you, it has discharged its obligation to make Payout to you under the Payment Terms and that any failure by you to charge the VCC shall serve as confirmation from you that no amount is due from Airbnb Payments to you such that Airbnb Payments may retain such amounts (subject to any refunds which Airbnb Payments is required to make to the Guest, in accordance with Section 2.3 of these VCC Terms).

6.3 The VCC will be issued to Airbnb Payments by a third party issuer. For the avoidance of doubt, the third party issuer acts as a service provider to Airbnb Payments and not to you, so you do not enter into any agreement with or need to take further steps vis-à-vis such issuer.

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